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Fairytale Kisses
 Here & Now Series (Book #2)

A hopeless romantic. A disheartened cynic. An unforgettable kiss.

Caleb Anderson believes in fairy tales. At least, he wants to. Despite battling cancer, defeating death, and an overprotective family; he believes in promises of forever, enchanted encounters, and love at first sight. He knows his perfect girl is out there … If only he could find her.

Zadie Fisher doesn’t believe in love. At least, she doesn’t want to. Despite undeniable attraction, second chances, and resurrected hope; she doesn’t believe in soulmates, true love, or happily ever after. Not anymore. She knows falling in love is a mistake … If only she could avoid it.

But fate has a funny way of twisting things, and some mistakes are destined to be made.

Most fairy tales start with Once Upon A Time ... This one starts with a kiss.

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