It’s my one year publishing anniversary!

It’s hard to believe that one year ago, I was holding my breath in anxious anticipation of my book baby going LIVE! Complex Kisses released December 29, 2016. It wasn’t a best seller. It wasn’t highly acclaimed. It was barely a blip on the book world radar. But none of that mattered. Still doesn’t.

One year and many, many author-life-lessons later, I couldn’t be prouder of my debut.

In celebration, Complex Kisses will be on sale for 99 cents until the new year. Also, if you belong to my Facebook reader group Kim’s Kiss Brigade or are a newsletter subscriber, you’ll be treated to a bonus scene (which was an absolute joy to write).

Many thanks to all who’ve helped shape this past year into something truly remarkable. I look forward to many more years of storytelling adventure.


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