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Trouble found me. Now, I can't leave her alone.


At first glance, Eve Ashby looks innocent, but I’m not fooled. After five years in prison, trouble’s easy to recognize. From the first sassy word out of her irresistible mouth, I know she’s it. Problem is, she’s my new neighbor and I’ve got nowhere to run. But her trouble is the type that kills. And I'm in deep.


Rumor has it, Law Vance is a murderer, but I’m not scared. After three years of living a lie, I only trust the truth. From the first hint of warmth simmering in his deadly gaze, I want him. Problem is, I shouldn’t. He’s vicious, rude, and doesn’t like me. But his brutal truth could ruin my life. Or set me free.

Law is a steamy, enemies-turned-lovers romance with suspense elements. This novel stands alone and is not part of a series.